Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Eve

It is Halloween Eve and there is much to do. I barely got the last touches for SD's costume last night after having to sit with my sister because she got a flat tire or actually, a hole in her tire. I would have had all of her things ready much sooner, but life happens. As I mentioned before my grandma passed, so my life was pretty much all about driving back and forth from my home to my parents the last couple of days. Yesterday was pretty much the only free time I had and it needed to be done because, hello, she has to dress up for school. SD was a 50's sock hop girl. She looked quite adorable if I do say so myself. She wore this costume with her hair in a curled ponytail, white shoes and a pearl necklace. I made her cheeks rosy and her lips shiny. She felt so pretty compared to her costume with her mom last year. She so wanted to be a dead rock star and SD said she looked ridiculous. Her mom put something together that did not resemble what she wanted. Oh well, she tried. Tonight she is going to a trunk or treat and we will probably go to another one tomorrow as well in my hometown.
I love to dress up SD and she is finally starting to enjoy it as well. She still likes to do tomboyish things though and is not quite lady like. She is learning though. Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween!!!

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