Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Beginning

Let's start from the beginning. I actually met sd a few months before I met the bf. How is that you ask? Well I met my bf through a mutual friend. When I first met sd, boy was she a handful, and who could blame the poor child. She was 4 years old going on 5 and had been on a faster ride of her life than I had been in all of my 24 years put together. I met sd because our friend and I got together for a play date. I was supposed to take my niece but she ended up having to go somewhere so I took my nephew. Between the sd and my nephew there was a considerable age difference. She really did not want to have anything to do with him. What's funny, is now when they get together they play the best and have less fighting than any of the other kids.

I could tell that sd required lots of attention and when she did not get what she wanted, tantrums were in full force. She wanted to constantly be hugged and carried. What you need to understand is, sd never looks her age, she is the jolly green giant, poor girl. She has her mama's genes. She is currently 11 and is the same height as me (not that I'm tall or anything at 5'1"). But boy was she a heavy girl.

When I met sd, her parents had recently separated (2003). She was having a difficult time with things, who wouldn't when your world is being torn upside down. After this play date, it would be just over a year before I would see her again. Mind you, I had not met the bf yet. I met him a couple months later.

My friend and I used to work out together and we were both with the same dance group. Boy did she enjoy going out to eat after a work out (I would usually say no thanks, which is why I lost weight then but it all came back, and more). It was around November 0r December when I met my bf, but did not know then that he would be my bf. We went out to eat at a restaurant I had never eaten at and he happened to work there. My friend caught up with the bf as they hadn't seen each other in a while. We ended up driving up to one of the local tribal casinos and got to know the bf some. I was currently back in a relationship that I should not have been in and he was coming out of a relationship that ended pretty badly. So I never looked at the bf with interest.

I was sure I would see him again, but more as a friend than anything. I would have never imagined we would be were we are given our past relationships. More to continue....

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