Thursday, November 5, 2009

Exciting Weekend

So SD had a blast with her friend on Friday night at a local churches trunk or treat. Saturday I was feeling kind of sluggish all day but kept trying to shake it off. I started getting SD ready to go out trick or treating around 4 so we could meet my sisters and my cousin with their kids. We started about 6 o'clock and it was about 7:30 when our night got really interesting, really fast all because of me. So I was walking my 19 month old nephew up to the house, he got his candy, but it had a couple of short steps that he did not quite know how to manuever a quick turn around so he kind of stumbled. I bent down to pick up thinking it would be easier. I felt a little trickle come out of my nose and thought, whoah, having some post nasal drip from my sinus surgery. Then it starts coming out a little more and I look at my hand and it is blood. I tell everyone, I'm having a bloody nose and I need some tissue. Wouldn't you know, nobody has any except my sister has some baby wipes. Well I take it, and it is soaked within a couple of seconds. I am holding my nose and I start gagging. I let go off my nose and blood is just shooting out like a water faucet so I quickly hold it again and start gagging again as the blood is draining down my throat. The BF says he is going to the car because I could not walk anywhere. He comes back rather quickly and I tell him to take me to the emergency room as it is not stopping. BF is quite nervous and is asking me to keep talking to him, I tell him to please drive carefully as I can not reach to put my seatbelt on (I am sitting in the backseat). We get to the ER and I have to wait to be checked in, then I have to give them my information which they can not understand because by this time, my sister gave me her sweater to hold my nose (which was white). So I sound all plugged up and nasally. BF walks in and does not understand that they need this information before I can be seen. We go sit down and 20 minutes later I get called back. By then the bleeding has slowed down. I have to blow out the blood clots so the doc can see but has a really hard time still. So he packs my left nostril as he states that that is the side that is bleeding. I go home by 10 and am extremely exhausted and hungry.

While we are at the hospital my youngest sister calls my parents and they rush over (no need). I appreciate them driving the 25 minute drive to the hospital but we could have just kept them updated by phone. My sister took SD to eat pizza, that was our plan to go trick or treating and then for pizza. My sister brought us back a pizza. I ate, took some pain medication as that packing hurt like haiti's when it was stuffed up my nose. I tried to sleep but couldn't really get comfortable as I had to sleep sitting up again. I get up around 2:15 and the BF is still up, so I go the bathroom and tell him he should come to bed already. I settle back in bed and feel like throwing up so I go to the bathroom with a tissue in my hand. By the time I get to the bathroom the tissue is soaked and I am shooting out like a faucet through my right nostril and gagging because my left nostril is packed. BF gets up, and gets me ready to go to the ER once again. They end packing my right nostril after a 3 hour wait this time and calling my EN&T doctor. I go home and try to get some rest but I wake every couple of hours.

Poor SD had to fend for herself for breakfast on Sunday as BF and I had just gotten back in about 5:30 AM. He was exhausted and drained from worrying about me and I was drained from all the blood loss. We got up around 3 and SD came and laid with me. We both watched Dancing with the Stars online and Ugly Betty. She tried out some new candies from her goody bags.

I usually do SD hair in the morning for school but she has had to do it herself 3 out of the past 4 days. She really still has not learned how to do anything with it, so all she does is brush out the tangles and let's go. She did really great on her report card so we have really been riding her because she got a D on her first spelling test of the quarter and she has been slacking off. I understand its because she has not seen her mom in two weeks and she is anxious as she is going to see her this weekend. I can not wait for the weekend to relax. I can't do much so it will be good.

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