Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Been Sick

I was so excited to get this blog started and then I got sick. Right after that, I had endoscopic sinus surgery that left me out all last week. I am so behind in my school work and trying to catch up at work as well. I hope to be able to update my blog to current status.
This weekend was one of the weekends that BM picked up SD. We dropped her off at our mutual spot but BM was not going to get there until closer to 8 so SD stayed with her friends and SG(step-grandma, SD's mom). When we went to pick up SD at 6 on Sunday I thought they were possibly running late as I did not see BM's car nor SG's. Being that BM got rid of her cell phone I had to call SG. SG answered and she said that BM, her husband and son had left a little early and left SD there with the friend. I said, oh, okay, I wasn't sure if they were running or just left her here. For some reason SG got upset when I said just left her here, and asked if I was insinuating that her friend was not a person we could trust. That was not what I meant by that comment but, whatever. She says BM has a way of turning things around and she did the same thing. Nobody had bothered to let us know that they would be dropping SD off at 4. Needless to say, no encounter with BM this weekend.
For the weekend before BM called to say they would not be able to pick up SD because they could not afford it. When I had called back SD was already in bed so she asked me to please make sure to let SD know they couldn't pick her up because they did not have the money to drive a total of 12 hours that weekend. How lame is that? SD does not need to be worried with how much money anybody has. I relayed the message because I knew BM would ask the next day, and she did.
Something else that happened over the weekend of the 10th was SD had something to ask me. She didn't know how to ask, so I told just spill it. She wanted to know if she could have some feminine products with her because she did not want to have an accident at school and be embarrased. I told her sure, she can keep one in her backpack and just slip it into her pocket when she needed it. She is eleven, and over the summer when she was with SG and two of her friends(1 boy, 1 girl). The other little girl got up and the boy told her, "you have blood on your behind." The poor girl was mortified and went in to change and could no longer go swimming. SD is desparately trying to avoid that from happening to her. Unfortunately for me, it happened all the time, but that is why I always, always, carried a sweater to wrap around my waist. It was not due to lack of preparation, it was just, it was that bad that I could not change it quick enough before it would leak through. Anyhow, enough about girl stuff. Just wanted to share some of the bonding that SD and I get to have just hanging around the house on the weekends.
I will try to update with how we are were we are now. It was a long road and it keeps twisting and turning and we know it won't be over for another 7 more years.

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