Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Growth Spurts

I think Baby E had a little growth spurt yesterday, 8/1/11. He tends to not really want to eat and is just overall moody and sleepy. I don't mind, I'm sure they hurt, his big sister gets them all the time, her legs are almost as long as my body, me, I never felt them, but I'm a shorty and I'm sure I didn't grow very much, ha. Even over the weekend, he wasn't really feeling his food. Maybe it was because it was hot out, over a 100 degrees or maybe the growing was already starting.
I took our little guy to get his pictures taken, we missed the whole 3/6/9/12 thing, so I am opting for the 4/8/12 thing. He came out absolutely adorable (I know, maybe I'm biased because I'm his mother, but he really did). He has this huge wide open, gummy smile. It makes my heart melt everytime I see them. He is just a week and a half shy of turning 8 months old. Time sure is flying by.
Baby E is currenlty rocking himself on all fours and he can get around by lunging his body forward. He does the occassional backwards thing, but not too often. And he is a great navigator, turning himself to face another direction to get to where he wants to go. He is not yet sitting up but he'll stay in the seated position for a few seconds. He usually just throws his body back so he can be laying down and rolling around. He's been eating his Stage 2 foods, we try to do the organic, but there isn't much variety so we throw in the regular baby foods as well. I wish I had more time to make him his own baby food, but I'm kind of glad that I haven't, I just read an article about the nitrates in fresh vegetables is not too good for babies.
SD has been at her mom's for the majority of her summer, babysitting her newborn sister and 4 year old brother. We got to see her for a short weekend a couple of weeks ago, we didn't get to do much but enjoyed just having her around. She comes home for good on the 13th, her birthday, she will be 13, a TEENAGER!!! She's having an okay time at her mom's, just did get to go on a few camping trips, but that's about it. It's not like we would have done very much with her here though, we really didn't/don't have the money to spending on trips and such. Having a baby is expensive, but so well worth it.
School will be starting on the 22nd and SD will be an 8th grader. I can not believe that next year, at this time, we will be preparing for her to enter High School. It's insane how fast time flies.
We are currently trying to find a bigger abode for our growing family. It seems we always have someone staying with us since Baby E was born. First it was my sister who stayed for at least 2 months. Then a friend (who is no longer really a friend) stayed for about 2-4 weeks and left abruptly due to a disagreement between him and DBF, oh well, we really our not losing out on that great of friend. And a few days after he left, DBF's brother broke up with his girlfriend and needed a place to stay. Except he has so much crap plus a dog, it is a little much for me. None of these people compensated us for anything. My sister did buy about $100 worth of groceries, the friend would eat out or at another friends home, and the last does not have a job, but is going to school, so he really can't help out right now.
I just wish we could have our little family, but doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon.
I need to keep writing about the happenings of my little guy and the relationship that he is building with his big sister.

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