Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big News......

Oh my dear lord in heaven, my son just turned 8 months old on the 10th, the bonus daughter turned 13 on the 13th and on the 12th I took a HPT and found out I am having my 2nd child. I will go in to the dr. tomorrow and find out the EDD. Excited and nervous (to say the least).
I picked up the bonus d on Saturday morning at 9:30 AM almost an hour and half away from our home. I was on time, yee haw!!!! No matter how hard I try I am always 10-15 minutes late, oops, oh well. I guess BM has been complaining about me being late, oh well, get over it, like you've never been late, ha. DSD wasn't feeling very well when I picked her up, kept saying her stomach hurt. It's hard to tell what it is with her though, she doesn't quite know how to explain the kind of pain that she has. I will say, all she had for breakfast was a donut, that her grandma had bought her, WTH kind of breakfast is that. I make us some plain ole quesadilla's for lunch, and she eats one, says she feels a little better. She goes to lay down and takes a nap, they had her up at 6:30 AM to go garage/yard saling. When she wakes her stomach is still bothering her, poor baby. By this time I had already started her b-day dinner and I was hoping she would get to enjoy it. We drove to the Cheese.cake Fac.tory as she wanted a cheesecake as her "b-day cake". She chose the Red Velvet Cheesecake. Shortly after we returned, she threw up. Went back to lay down and a few hours later threw up again. Needless to say she did not eat her dinner, nor did we cut into her cake. I went to get her some Pepto and she took that and went to bed for the night.
The next morning she woke up refreshed and feeling much better. We took it easy on the eating though and I had her eat a couple pieces of dry toast and some juice. She also got to go to the movies with her daddy, they went to see that new planet of the apes movie, I'm not interested in it, so me and baby stayed home. When they got back we headed to my parents house for my mom's b-day bbq, her actual b-day is today, Happy Birthday Mom! I was so glad that my niece and nephews got along so well with DSD, my niece usually starts to bicker with her.
I finally got around to telling DBF that we were going to be adding to our family on Monday evening. We are keeping it a secret until we are further along to 1. make sure there are no complications and 2. just because we still have the lil at only being 8 months old. We know this is going to be tough for us, but I ultimately believe it is what is best for our current lil, he will have a playmate close in age and they will get to hang and do everything together. Believe, I know that they will have their bickering as well, but with DSD being 13 already, she won't be around for that much longer, shoot, in 5 years she will be graduating High School and our lil will barely be going into Kinder.
School starts Monday for DSD, we got all her school shopping done last night. I was tired, to say the least after 2 hours walking around a store. I am so glad we got everything she needed there though, it was awesome. We even got a few things for the lil and a dress for mommy and some shorts for daddy.

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