Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting to really see him & bringing him home....

I finally get to see my baby, it's long into the afternoon already. I can barely move, c-sections are tough, but I must say, I have no idea what it feels like to be in labor. (In a way, I feel kind of cheated, but I'll get over it.) When I get to see Lil E, he no longer has the air vent and is breathing on his own. He is so tiny sitting in the incubator with wires and tubes around him. I hold him later in the evening when Daddy comes by to visit with us. We really shouldn't be taking him in and out as the temperatures in the incu are regulated for him because he is still unable to regulate his own temps.
Lil E stays in this room for only few days before he is moved to a less severe room. He remains there for about 2 weeks for a total of 3 weeks in the NICU.
We receive the call in December 31st (the day we call our anniversary, 7 years) about 10 AM that Baby is being discharged. Needless to say we were quite surprised as the previous day Lil E had not passed the car seat screening (he needed to sit in a carseat for 1 hour, and the last few minutes he destated) and when daddy was there feeding him he had stopped breathing, his lips were turning blue. I was unable to visit him for a few days because I had caught some kind of bug and did not want to pass it on to him. After receiving the call we had to go on a hunt for a car seat, we still didn't have one (he was 9 weeks early). It took us longer than we thought because we did not get to the hospital until about 4-4:30. I really wish we could have just showered and showed up, but I was really not anticipating him coming home until after the weekend.
He was so tiny in his car seat and I was so nervous for him to be in the car. He weighted 4.8 lbs when we brought him home, he was just so tiny. We really didn't sleep at all the first night, we were so worried how he would sleep. He was used to sleeping on his tummy and would not sleep on his back nor did he really liked to be swaddled (they don't swaddle in the NICU cause they have this little headrest & pillow around his head and all the wires are in the way). We couldn't stop staring at him.
My parents came by to visit on Sunday, my mom wasn't feeling well and neither was my dad, but my dad hadn't seen him (he didn't want to go into the NICU). My dad just adores Lil E as all do.

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