Monday, October 22, 2012

Long overdue....

It is very difficult to find the time to update my blog with two boys under 2 and a teenager that just started high school. So much to update on and so little time. Lets break down here. First off SD: Started High School - has been struggling a little with her Latin class but she is really trying. Had a rough start in the friends department, but everyone there wants to be there and is very friendly so she made friends in no time. She is now way taller than me. Spent the summer with her mom, had her ups & downs just like she does at out home but it's to be expected. Baby Boy #1 He is such a handful and such a mama's boy and almost 2 years old already. Dad can not come near me because here he comes. He is learning how to talk and almost everyday he learns a new word. I love how he says "Oh no" and has learned certain body parts and he will say I love you when he feels like it. He is starting to recognize certain letters in the alphabet and numbers. Still co-sleeping with us, not what we planned but we are making the best of it. A couple of weeks ago he got his first bump on his forehead; ran smack into the corner of a wall. I freaked out a little bit but he recovered just fine from it. He adores his baby brother and gets so excited when he sees him becoming more mobile. The first I propped him up on the sofa to sit he was beside himself. I can't wait for them to actually get to run around and play together. My sister came over with her kids and my nephew who is 4 just ran around the house chasing #1 and they were just giggling. It just melted my heart. We are amazed everyday at how big he is now compared to when he was born and was in an incubator. Those were the hardest times of our lives but I wouldn't change it for a minute because he was one amazing little guy that we all just adore (even when he will not stop whining). His favorite movie right now is Cars 1 & 2. Loves to say, Speed, I am Speed & do his fake sneeze like one of the cars in the movie. He knows when the parts are coming up too that little stinker. Baby Boy #2 I can't believe he is already going to be 7 months old. He is progressing so fast that I just want him to slow down and be a baby for just a little bit, but alas, he can not wait to play with his older brother who seems to have so much fun running around the house. Which is why he started "crawling" (pulling himself forward with just his arms and dragging his legs). He quickly progressed to full on crawling. Before that he would attempt to put himself in a sitting position, he would hold himself up with one arm and do a half sit. I can say that he is fully sitting up, he'll topple over, but for the most part can hold himself up. And the past week and a half he gone from pulling himself up to his knees, to pulling himself up to a full standing position. This is pretty dangerous for him because he still is not that strong and can not support his weight for very long (18 lbs. 3 oz) so he lands up letting go and falling straight back. I just hear a thud, then a wail and I have to run and pick him up because of course he does all this while I am trying to cook dinner or take a quick restroom break (because that's all I get now a days). I know this is bad, but oh how this kid loves to watch television, but only the cartoons. They both watch PBS all day and CARS 1 & 2. I have my good days and my bad days. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed but I always feel blessed with my babies. I love them so much and wouldn't trade them for anything. Is it hard having them close together, you betcha, but it's not the end of the world and they are going to be best buds growing up. I thank God everyday for blessing me with not one but two amazing little miracles.

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