Thursday, November 1, 2012


This year it was a little more fun for Lil E since he is almost 2 and can walk around. He did amazing, loved to be out walking, enjoyed the costumes and going door to door and most of all, his first ever tootsie pop. Only one costume got him and one house was super scary (if it wasn't for him, they would have scared us really good). V stayed home with daddy and passed out candies. Dad said they sat out in the driveway and V is in jumper and everyone just adored him. Both boys were dressed in their Hawaiian outfits that Grandma sent them (they have 2 each and I'm sure they'll get more). D was trying to dress as a vocaloid but was missing stuff. She had a good time trick or treating with me and Lil E. Other than that things have been going great. D's been struggling in school, but it is a hardcore curriculum at the Charter school she is attending. I commend for even attempting that because I don't know how I would have fared. This girl is growing like a weed, she towers over me and especially when I am wearing flats. Lil E has been learning new things everyday. He is trying to talk. We are coming up to his final preemie check ups, last eye appointment next week (unless they find something wrong), last preemie well check up at our local Children's Hospital to make sure he is progressing properly and doesn't require any further interventions. V is the muscle man, he went from rolling over to crawling to pulling himself to stand in a one and half week time span. He is trying so hard to walk. He does not want to sit when he pulls himself to stand, he starts crying because his poor little guys tire out or he ends up falling straight back and thumping his head on the ground. Other than that, we are trucking along. I've been venturing out in the world of baking and trying out new dinner entrees. I've been checking out food blogs have gotten some really good recipes from a lot of them and the family has been enjoying them as well. I don't know how I find time to do all of this with the 2 little's, but I do it. I want our family to eat less processed foods and slowly but surely we are getting there.

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