Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Phone Calls

Do any of you get any phone calls from the bio mom asking for help in disciplining the child (in our case SD)? I dropped off the SD on Saturday at her friends to meet her mom and SG there. SD's grandpa passed away last Monday and they were here all week, but never made an attempt to call SD. I had to call Friday night to ask what time to drop off SD on Saturday. I digress... SD calls us on Saturday night asking for email password, she can never remember anything. I tell her but she still can't get in. So I tell her to go and visit, she hasn't seen her grandma since the summer (PEG's mom) or her cousins. She really doesn't want to and you can hear in her voice that she is not happy about doing that. While on the phone I can hear the conversations in the background and they are talking about caramel apples and SD says "I want one". I could hear her mom say, "NO" with disdain in her voice, as if to say you know better. We used to be really strict on the no sweets thing but have since relented as she is not so hyper anymore with chocolate. Before, you would be wise not to give this girl any candy or she would bounce off the walls.
Sunday, me and the BF are bumming around and the phone rings. I had no intention of answering but he does, he never does. It's PEG, SD was being rude to her mom and she doesn't want to listen. Come on now, control your child here, you are the grown up. SD was asked to help grandma vaccuum and SD said she didn't want, she does chores all the time at her dad's (which she does, but she gets paid for it). BF explains to PEG that she does have chores and that she does get paid for them. SD forget to mention that part. She also forgot to mention that she has bought some cool stuff with her money. BF has to calm down SD and PEG. WTH! This bugs me to no end but I have to keep my cool. I have never called PEG to tell her that SD won't listen to me, I nip it in the bud and I get respect from SD.
On another note, when I was on my way to drop off SD, she looked down and asked, "why do I have a banana and a bag of cookies?" I baked some cookies that morning and made her a little bag of 4. I reminded her that while I was doing her hair that she mentioned her tummy was hurting but couldn't tell if she was hungry or what. That is the reason for the banana. She says, "I have the best step-mom ever!" It really tugged at the heart strings her saying that to me. SD and I have a unique relationship that cherish!
Happy Thanksgiving to all! I am thankful for my relationship with the BF and his lovely daughter that is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady.


  1. So glad you can enjoy such a special relationship with your SD!

    Hope your Turkey Day was perfect.