Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Long time....

It was a pretty quiet summer as SD was with her mom the day after school let out. We talked to her about 3 times the entire summer. Poor thing, she got promised so much between April & May. The plans constantly changed and ended up not being a whole lot. She was first told they were taking a "BIG" family trip. SD wanted to go to Legoland, that was nixed too far. BM suggested Disn.eyland, SD got excited about that possibility, then that was nixed. Also a long drive for them (her brother, who is 3 has au.tism, car ride would have been about 8 hours). Then another plan came about to go camping in Oregon for a week, SD thought that would be awesome, it didn't happen either. Something about no spots being available, only the week she was scheduled for camp. Then BM suggested that they would do a mother-daughter thing, which I was all for. Maybe they could go to a spa and get massages, mani/pedi, out to dinner, trip to San Franci.sco. Didn't happen. Can you imagine putting an 11 yr old through this. If you are not sure what is going to happen, do not tell the child. They did end up going to Great and she did have fun there.
I had to pick her up closer to her BM's (last Thursday)or else we weren't going to be getting in SD in time, it was a 2.5 hr drive for me. SD was a hot mess when I saw her, her was all matted and wearing jeans and too tight white shirt with flip flops. Come on now, it's mid to high 90's, why is BM wearing a summer dress, while SD is looking like she lives by the beach. SD likes to talk, she talked for an hour straight and all she talked about was all the video gaming she did while at her mom's, come on now. No kind of educational stimulation all summer, we are in for some trouble when school starts in 2 1/2 weeks. This child needs to be kept reading and reviewing her multipl.ication & or else she forgets. For peets sake, they live right next door to a public library, why couldn't she go there for activities and read books.
SD is currently at camp this week, I dropped her off on Sunday afternoon and will pick her up Friday afternoon. Her BM wants her back next week, but her dad would like to spend a little time with her before school starts. They got to go water rafting last Friday & they had a blast together (I'm too chicken to go).
I also waiting for BF to tell SD that we are having a baby. He had her go and get my orientation paperwork from the medical group. She read one of the pages about preparing for a healthy pre.gnancy. She read it a few times and she finally got it. I of course got all emotional, she looked at me with shock in her eyes (a good shock). SD tells me, "but I thought you were sick and it couldn't happen." I told her, "me too, but it happened." She is excited about it though, but one of her first questions was, where is the baby going to go. If you have not moved to be a bigger place by the time the baby comes around, the baby will be in our room, but we are hoping to find something we can afford soon. It would be nice before the baby gets here.
My m/s is finally subsiding and next week I have an NT scan scheduled, hoping everything is okay. My clothes already don't fit me and my big shirts not ride up my belly. OMG, I am going to get big, and I am not even eating all that much, I eat about the same as before to be honest. I'll be 12 weeks on Friday. I'll try to write more often, for myself more than anything.

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